Brass Wire Mesh For Imitation Jewellery

We are one of the trusted and reliable name in manufacturing Brass wire mesh for imitation jewellery Brass is an alloy that is comprised of copper and zinc, and, like copper, brass is soft and malleable and is attacked by ammonia and similar salts.

Types of Brass Wire Mesh

1. 80-20 Low Brass wire mesh CDA 240
UNS C24000
CDA 240 has excellent strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance. Often used for musical instruments, battery caps, flexible hose, and decorative pieces.

Composition [Cu 80%, Zn 20%]
Specifications ASTM B36

2. 70-30 Cartridge Brass wire mesh CDA 260
UNS C26000
CDA 260 is the most ductile brass displaying superior results when cold worked and has excellent corrosion resistance. It is the most widely used alloy for cold headed products. It has a full-brass yellow colour and is often used for fasteners, hinges, radiator cores and tanks, plumbing accessories and aircraft materials.

Composition [Cu 70%, Zn 30%]
Specifications ASTM B134